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Posted in Cybersecurity on 03 Jun, 2023

Which Internet Browser Is The Safest

The most basic programs that you install at the beginning of the computer configuration are certainly programs such as the Internet browser and various other basic applications. Most users automatically download Google Chrome. However, this is not very secure and also stores a lot of data about you and shares it.

Every Windows computer already has Microsoft Edge pre-installed on it, but a lot of people are put off by that and it's also not entirely secure. It's actually an updated Internet Explorer and by being a basic Internet browser it's not secure at all and it stores various data about you and shares it with Microsoft.


One of the safest browsers is Brave. It's a browser that hides almost all your activity from third parties, blocks ads, stores almost no data about you (just the basics), and is very reliable and fast. Brave is used by many people who don't want their data stored in browser caches and cookies. And so it is one of the most secure web browsers.


One of the very well-known browsers is the Firefox browser. Which is probably the second most famous browser in the world after Google Chrome. However, it is several times more secure and this is mainly because of several reasons. It has very good security and private settings where you can set many things you don't want the browser to find out or store about you.


Tor has always been used a lot as it was one of the most secure browsers. But that has changed over time as its security has not been updated that well. However, Tor still ranks very high as its security is still very good and you also have very good privacy settings with it. You then have more visibility into what is and isn't being stored about you.

DuckDuckGo privacy Browser

This browser is relatively new, but is found on both Android systems and iOs. It is a secure browser that has a number of features. DuckDuckGo has tracking protection and very easy setup and cache removal.


Opera has always been very good but a lot has really changed since it was sold to a Chinese company in 2016 and that includes privacy settings and other security features.

It's definitely better to switch to one of the more secure browsers than to store data on your computer and have it shared with others. Some data is stored about you anyway, but not as much as on Google Chrome or Opera.