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Posted in Gaming Tips on 14 Jun, 2023

Microsoft Is Changing The Gaming World

If you haven't noticed, Microsoft has been trying to change the whole gaming system for the last few years. Microsoft started buying up the huge companies behind the biggest games our world has ever seen.

They are buying up studios like Blizzard, Activision and they will command what direction the gaming system will move in. Because Microsoft owns the vast majority of game studios these days and so they can actually set almost all the rules.

As we already know Microsoft started with Mojang which they bought up and so they also created a version of Minecraft that is completely Microsoft created.

They're trying to buy up pretty much every studio that we know of, and so it's going to be interesting to see how Microsoft's take on different studios like Blizzard, for example, will play out.

There are also two camps. One is those who support Microsoft since many studios are now making games that they release that are completely unfinished and that's what many users think Microsoft will finish.

The other camp are the users who hate Microsoft and fear that they will ruin the whole gaming system and most games will be pay to win or somehow ruined.

Microsoft also tried to buy the famous Discord platform, which failed because Discord rejected the 12 billion dollar offer.

A lot of users are also worried that once Microsoft buys out almost all the studios and communications companies, they will have access to all the data they can use for other benefits.

Microsoft is also definitely exploring virtual reality and if they have that much data it will be really good for them. However, the data can also be used against us over time and that is also something that a lot of players and users are worried about.

But how the game system evolves is mainly up to Microsoft and other studios that haven't been bought out yet. But we think that the game system will already be moving really fast and in a few years we may be in a completely different place than we are right now.

Virtual reality is also starting to become really capable and usable and is being tested every day. Meta has a lot of data, but it looks like Microsoft wants to get into proper virtual reality development too because of the amount of data they are getting because of the studios they have bought.