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Posted in Tech Tips on 16 Jun, 2023

How To Set Up a New Monitor

You've bought a new monitor, whether it's for gaming or work, and you want the best colours and the best viewing experience? We've got some tips for you that will definitely come in handy when setting up your new monitor.


One of the most basic things is to determine what resolution we want. Most monitors use 1920x1080 and are also the best to look at. But it's up to you depending on what you want to use the monitor for. Since if you want to use it for gaming you can definitely use 1920x1080 resolution but if you want the best colors and picture it is definitely good to go for a higher resolution since you can set it to a lower resolution in windows settings anyway.

Refresh Rate

Another thing you definitely need to watch out for is how much refresh rate you have since gaming is definitely better than 120hz. Since if you only have 60hz the monitor only displays 60 frames per second but if you have 120hz the game is definitely more enjoyable and your movements will be much better recorded even if your eye doesn't feel your muscles as much and the overall feel of the game definitely does.


Most monitors also come with various CDs or websites where you can download software designed specifically for that monitor. These applications make it a lot easier to set up your monitor since everything from brightness to game scene settings is usually there.

Also, monitors usually come with various power apps where the app tracks if the monitor is being used or not and so improves your power consumption. But if you don't have any software for the monitor don't worry sometimes there are monitors where no software was built for them and so you can set the monitor at most through the menu that is located on each of them.

Color Settings

Next, it's definitely important to set your colors. Some monitors have different settings built in where you can change the colours a bit. However, windows has many such settings and so you can set it both in windows and in the graphics card settings as there you will also find various settings that are related to the monitor.

There's really a lot to set up with monitors but this is the most basic. The main thing is to determine if you want to use the monitor for work or for gaming, because if you want to use it for gaming it is definitely better to choose a monitor that is more expensive and also has a better refresh rate and better response. For work monitors, it may not be as good and as expensive since it's all about being able to work on it and not about being able to react as fast as possible.