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Posted in Cybersecurity on 17 Jun, 2023

How To Secure A Computer or Smartphone

Specialized Programs

One of the most effective methods is to use a variety of specialized applications or programs to help you with many things. But it doesn't have to be just antivirus but also various programs that can hide you from various attacks or, for example, hide your IP address and the like.

Because hackers can get through various security, it is better to secure your computer and phone with something extra , as basic security is not enough for a hacker who wants to get to you. If you're under attack by a hacker, they've usually chosen you for something or have been asked to find out information about you.

LMT Anti Logger

One of the really good programs is LMT Anti Logger which detects almost all malicious programs that may be on your computer. It's a program that detects various codes that, for example, record your keystrokes, etc. and these are really hard to track down.

The test in this program can reveal a lot, and it also has a built-in password manager and other options. However, it is not compatible with some antiviruses. The best part is that this app is completely free but you can donate to it if it really helps you.

Updates and Fixes

It is very important to install all updates if your computer is built for it. Because the longer you are on the internet, the more you can get a virus or hacker, so it is better to update everything for the most basic security possible.

Developers are mainly updating the safety and security of their systems, both on computers and phones. A lot of hackers can get to the data really easily, just because the phones and updates are really outdated and the methods to bypass these old updates are really well known. So make sure your phone and computer have the latest updates or it's very likely that someone can get to you really easily

Avira Mobile Security

But phones are also very important and antivirus on them too. You never know if someone is watching you through your phone or looking at you through a camera. This antivirus is free, but there are paid features that are worth getting. It can also track down your phone if it gets lost and you have enabled location features, something like the iPhone's device locator.

But there is a lot to know about, such as VPN security and the like. The more the world moves towards new technologies, the more hackers and new ways of doing things can appear in the world. You never know what might happen.