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Posted in Tech Tips on 18 Jun, 2023

How To Reduce Your Computer's Electricity Consumption

Lately, the price of electricity has been quite high, and in some countries it is even getting more expensive. Therefore, it is good to remind ourselves of some tips and advice on how to reduce our computer power consumption.

A computer can have a really high power consumption if you still have it on for a long time almost every day. A lot of people also leave their computers and monitors on when they're not working on them, and the computer is actually on for no reason at all, and that draws a lot of energy that we don't even use.

External Devices

Many external devices use power from your computer, so your power consumption is a bit higher. So be careful to unplug devices you don't need to use because with every device that gets power from the computer, your consumption is a bit higher even if you don't use the device.

Windows Power Options

There are also a lot of battery options in windows settings. Where you can set different schedules depending on what you are doing on your computer. For example when you are typing documents you can set power saving and your consumption will drop a little bit. But if you are playing a game it is better to have the consumption on balance or even on high power as then your computer does not turn off features that are quite useful for gaming.

Sleep and Hibernate

As was said at the beginning, many people leave their computers on when they go out for a meal or some other activity. And that's pretty pointless as the energy consumed during the time you're away is completely unused. It is therefore best to use the sleep or hibernate options since the computer will go to sleep and will not use as much power as it would if it were on.

Unnecessary Programs

As you work, it's also a good idea to close applications or documents you no longer use, as each new process uses a little more power. But it's not so obvious, so you don't have to close applications you'll use again soon.

The main thing is not to leave the computer or monitor on unnecessarily when not working with it. The biggest consumption is definitely because of that. It is also good to know that with more demanding applications there is also more consumption. So the more your browser uses power the more power consumption your computer has.