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Posted in Tech Tips on 20 Jun, 2023

How To Get The Best Internet Connection

I'm sure you've been really annoyed at the fact that your internet is slow and you wait for several minutes for a page to load. First of all, it's best to find out what kind of internet we have at all and if the internet is really weak and cheap and that's why we don't have such a fast connection.

After you figure out what kind of connection you have and your ping doesn't go over 100ms then you should be almost fine. But if you have a ping greater than 100ms your connection is not completely stable and can drop out really often and take a long time to load as well. But there are a lot of solutions to this and we'll show you some.


I'm sure you hear this from everyone but the biggest key is to reboot your router. Because sometimes it can run for days or even months at a time, it can get a bit hotter or just need a break. A lot of problems are solved by rebooting even though you may not be sure what the problem is anymore.

A simple reboot can solve all your problems that were caused by, for example, a slightly higher router heat. So we definitely restart the router first and test after a few minutes if the internet is a bit more stable or faster.

Cable or Wifi

Next, find out if your connection is just slow and unstable or if it drops out really often and is really really slow. Because when you use Wifi or wireless, it's clear that the connection won't be as stable and fast as with cable. So if you're having trouble with stability and speed definitely try a cable connection because it's a million times more stable and faster than a wireless connection.


But if it is neither of these and the connection is still useless so you can deal with various intruders. That's why it's a good idea to either consult an IT technician or find some guidance on how to find out if someone is doing something nasty to your internet.

Router Location

If there are no intruders, it may be a case of bad router placement. Sometimes there are places where the router doesn't have such a good connection so it's good to consult the pros.

However, if it still persists there is probably some error with your Internet provider. So it's best to contact them and see if there is a problem with one of their connections.