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Posted in Tech Tips on 21 Jun, 2023

How To Extend iPhone Battery Life With iOS 15.3

With the new software, we are also experiencing slightly higher battery consumption. And that can be really critical for some users, because some iPhones have been known to drain really fast or randomly shut down even when they're a few tens of percent.

Background App Refresh

This has been known for a very long time and so we expect that almost everyone knows about it. Apps refresh unnecessarily even when not in use, drastically reducing battery life and consumption.

Location Services

Location services are also one of the items that put a lot of strain on the battery, so it's recommended to leave them off unless you really need them, also for more privacy. This is because location services track your movements and thus record various data in the system so that they can show you the way home from work and more.

Of course, by having them on all the time, your phone is always watching where you walk and so it also uses these functions and thus you also consume a lot more battery per day.

Motion Reducing

If your flashlight is already in critical condition, we recommend you to reduce the motion in the motion settings. If you don't mind apps turning on without animations and not so many of them, this feature is definitely for you.

Update Applications

It is recommended that you update your apps as soon as possible as each update also takes into account your phone's battery. So with every update comes new features for less battery consumption.

Low Power Mode

Ever since this feature came out, everyone has been recommending it as one of the best for increasing battery life. This feature actually reduces downloading unnecessary updates in the background and background activity.

Reset All Settingsi

One option is to reset all settings on your phone. This feature allows you to store media and various things you don't want to delete, so it's definitely a good idea to at least try it if nothing else helps. But we have to be careful that it will change all the settings to the basic ones and so if we want something different we have to change it again in the settings.

Just try to keep everything updated for the best possible conditions for your phone. However, if you already have really big problems with the battery, it can also be replaced at various authorized repair shops. And it's not even as expensive as, for example, getting a new iPhone which is really expensive right now.