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Posted in Tech Tips on 27 Jun, 2023

5 tricks that are in Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most used maps in the world for many reasons. They have countless features that can be used on maps and they are really quite useful. We'll show you some of them here that you may not be familiar with.

Plot Multiple Locations

Most people use this really often but you may not have noticed that google will search for any route from a specified location to a specified destination. It is also very good that there you have multiple options to choose from like driving, public transport or walking and so it also offers you different routes.

Voice Commands

If you drive a lot and use google maps, it's definitely great to set up some voice controls. You don't want to take your eyes off the road too much when you're driving, so it's very useful if you can correct your phone with your voice so you don't have to focus on it so much.

Vehicle Icon

When you use Google Maps while driving, it's a cool feature to set your car icon. You have about 5 options to choose from and it's a bit nicer and you can see where the car is facing on the map better.

Offline Maps

Offline maps are another useful feature. If you know that you won't have internet somewhere and still want to browse maps and different places on the road, this is very useful. You can download various locations in the Offline maps section in advance, which you can then look at without internet as they are saved on your phone.

Location Sharing

Many people are already familiar with this feature but for us it really is one of the more useful ones.

If you are worried about something happening to you or just want to show a friend where you are and how long it will take you to get somewhere, you can use the location sharing feature. In which you can see where a person is at any time. This is also used so that you don't have to look for the exact location yourself, making the driver's job easier.

But there are countless features on google maps that can be used. There are really many of them, so it's good to go through it yourself sometime and see what we can actually do with these maps. There are always new ones coming and when they don't work well they are often repaired.