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Posted in Tech Tips on 02 Jun, 2023

Why Are Pc Components So Expensive

I'm sure you've noticed that some components such as graphics cards and others are really expensive. A lot of products, especially the newer ones, are really expensive when you look at graphics cards some of them are over 500 dollars.

The main reason that these components are so expensive is because they are less available and in huge demand. So they sell out immediately and then for example resell for more money. You can see this especially when you want to buy a brand new graphics card that is about to come out and within seconds they are sold out on all the sites.

Not so for all components , some are available much more and therefore not so expensive. That's also why most people pay attention to their computer a lot more than before.

Especially the further we move in technology the more and more new components will be sold and produced and the best solution to reduce the price of some components is definitely more production.

When you look at it, your graphics card can be more than half the price of the other components you need for your computer. That's why it's really important to choose carefully and not buy unnecessarily overpriced components that will be replaced with better ones in a few years anyway.

If you want to buy components as cheaply as possible it is best to contact an IT technician, but beware some will try to rip you off and give it to you for even more.

But don't hope for any miracles as the other main reason why components and computers are so expensive is because there has been a global chip shortage from 2020 to now and on top of that, pandemic times have also intervened.

So it's getting more and more expensive now because of these reasons. But there are many other problems like bots buying graphics for profit, so the normal person doesn't even have a chance to buy the graphics on release. Because there are programmed computers that will buy the graphics immediately when they are added.

We'll have to expect more production of new chips, and there's no telling if there will be. Most of the time now manufacturers are using older CPUs and therefore some of the newer technologies don't work as well as they should with new CPUs.

Let's hope that they will start producing chips again and that materials will be available for them so that computers can move forward again.